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An Honest Shower Filter Review

Hey my name is Greg. I run the website Renegade Enlightenment. I have been researching and collecting data on the top Shower Filter Reviews for over 2 years now after I found out the many horrendous facts on shower water quality in the average home.
honest shower filter reviews
The first advice I can give you is to get a shower filter ASAP. Do you know how much chlorine is actually in your home’s water. Chlorine vaporizes much easier than water. So when you create steam in your shower, this steam can contain 20 times more chlorine then in your sink tap water. Inhaling or absorbing chlorine from the vapors of the shower has many dangers. Chorine is considered a leading cause of hair loss. Water quality is so often overlooked by household families. Water is the basic element that is most important for our survival. Clean water is vital to maintain a healthy organ and skin immune system.

The shower filter is proven to reduce the levels of chlorine in your skin, take away heave metals such as mercury and lead, and reduce other nasty sediments.

The shower filter will reduce chlorine, heavy metals (such as lead and mercury), odor, sulfur smell, rust, and scale. It will also moderately reduce sediment.

I’ve overlooked these simple facts for too many years. After finally taking action and providing chlorine-free water for my family, i was able to install 3 shower filters in my house that cost under $200.00. After I installed, I noticed my hair and skin INSTANTLY feel more smooth and clean.

Shower Filters are a MUST in every home

Long story short, you are looking for the Best Shower Filters in your home to manage the level of chlorine intake from city water supply. Shower filters are the best way to protect you and your family from these chemicals. I hope you enjoyed my shower filter review and if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up.

Benefits of a Shower Filter:

      - Filters Chlorine and Chloramines


      - Instantly gives you Softer skin and hair


      - Instantly Reduces skin dryness, flakiness


      - Reduces fading of hair color


    - Eliminates odors from Shower Water

The Top Shower Filter Product of 2014 Reviewed

I have written many shower filter reviews over my 2 years of research. I have tested many products. This website will provide you with some information that will better your selection of picking out the perfect shower filter for you.

Chlorine is particularly hard on the hair. If you actually used the summertime as a swimming share life defend, you could know that. It is extremely drying. It bleaches out the color. And, it scents bad. People who use bath water filters have softer sensation and healthy looking hair. They use less conditioners and moisturizers. They are able to skip the warm gas treatments. They applied to tell people so it was only the warm water that stripped the oils from our hair, but it absolutely was possibly the chlorine, too. We just didn’t know how significantly chlorine there is in the water.Individuals with dry, scratchy, irritated, broken or flaky epidermis will see an almost immediate improvement. What chlorine does to the hair, it does to the skin. You are cleaning out the integral materials that will protect your skin from the affects of weather and aging.Chlorine is, all things considered, only bleach. Do you genuinely wish to keep washing in bleach? After you take to the most effective multi-stage bath filters, you will never return to washing in faucet water. It really feels greater!

Shower Filters For Your Home

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